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User View

User view is the best way to simplify the interface of an automation you've built. This is great for sharing automations with others or to simplify your own experiencing when triggering an automation.

Switch to user view with the switch in the top left corner of the automation building page.

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Defining user view inputs#

The inputs displayed in your user view are automatically derived from your input nodes.

If you check the box "show_as_user_input" in an input node it will immediately be displayed within the user view.

Alt text

Select the input type that is appropriate for the input. If you want the user to choose a number (like number of pages to scrape in a page scraping automation for example) then you would select the 'number' input type.

Use Case#

Take for example a very complex automation that scrapes a website and performs many operations on it's content. If you wanted to send this to someone non-technical, the only field they'd want to alter is that initial website link.

We would pass in the link to the automation via Input node, with the show_as_user_input box checked and the type set to string.

All the confusing details of the automation would be hidden behind this dynamically generated UI.

User view by default#

If your automation would be more useful with a simplified interface, be sure to save it with user view as the default.

The image below displays the toggle you need to set when saving.

Alt text